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Once again we take a trip to France and take a look at Malmort, a true Black Metal band. Even though they are together since 2003, it took Malmort some time to come out with their first album. A first demo called Hollenfurt was released back in 2006, followed by another 4 track EP in 2010 with the romantic name MCDXXXI-MCDXL (1431 – 1440). Now, I assume that these numbers stand for a time period even though on Google I would also get other results related to the Metabolism of a child from birth until adulthood or a phone number in Portugal. I could not figure it out. Malmort released furthermore a split CD with SAD in 2011 that contained one track.

The long awaited album Vox in Excelso came out in January 2012 and has received some good reviews which can be read on their website. When listening to some of their older as well as more recent tracks, I do not notice a big change. That is when it comes to Malmort a rather positive thing. By the way, Vox in Excelso relates to a Papal Bull which was issued by Clement V back in 1312! It basically was an instruction given to formally dissolve the Order of the Knights Templar, removing the Papal support (…in case anyone is interested). A tragic and brutal story.

The band may not have been as productive due to the fact that the band members are also involved with other groups. One thing you will notice straight away is the long experience these guys have of playing together. Their Facebook Page mentions 3 members even though there are a couple more guitar players listed as additional players on their website. The core of Malmort are Reicheran (vocals), Dalgrïn (guitar / bass) and Oldar (drums). Haven’t got a clue about their real names.

The 8 tracks on their album Vox in Excelso are very fast and you will notice accentuated riffs throughout. The intro to the album is made up of chants resp. a male choir that will bring you back right to the dark ages (and beyond). This first track on their album called XIII October MCCCVII is really enjoyable as the transition to the actual Black Metal part is a smooth one. On Cruciatus I find the riffs quite trashy and I think especially the drums stand out, it is fairly straight forward to be honest. Templi Secretum has more of an emphasis on the bass whilst the other instruments keep up a good speed and performance. You will have to check out De Laude Novae Militiae - overall maybe not an outstanding track but I just enjoy that there is a bit more variety, especially due to a few changes in rhythm that makes this tune a rather a special one.

Some reviews I read are saying that Malmort is quite varied, other say the opposite. Listening to Faciens Misericordiam I would tend to agree with those who said it is not of great variety but that would not be fair because as soon as I wrote this, I listened to Roi de Marbre and there it is quite the opposite the case even though you will have to wait for a couple of minutes to get there. Considerentes Dudum is maybe one of the reasons why some of the other reviewers have criticized a certain lack of variety but if you listen to the whole track you will notice elements that are enjoyable and quite unique. The last track on the album is Finis Regni Et Funereus Successiones and no matter how wrong I might be, the first few seconds reminds me more of Punk-Rock than Black Metal so once again, a certain change even though the 2 minutes that follow are not outstanding as it is similar to what I have heard before. Then again, be patient, listen to it several times and you will be rewarded around 2 minutes into the track where all of a sudden Malmort pulls out their creativity. This helps to round this review up positively.

Black Metal is not my favourite genre and therefore it is always a bit of a tightrope walk to be honest. I do admit that for most of it I enjoyed the debut album of Malmort and I can recommend this to anyone. In particular I appreciate the whole theme around this album, as mentioned in the beginning of this article. Malmort have a decent Youtube channel where you can listen to each and every track. The tune I enjoyed the most is De Laude Novae Militiae so this is also the one I will share with you. Thank you for reading Metalheads!